CNC Machine Fire Suppression System

CNC Machine Fire Suppression System

CNC Based Fire Protection are designed by Fire Engineering Technology to meet the most robust and demanding tandards in India and around the world. Our automatic fire suppression systems are independent of power supplies which ensures detection and suppression in any condition. 
CNC Fire Suppression & Protection system are recognised by major insurance underwriters and supported by a comprehensive fire risk assessment before installation. Our CNC fire protection system is suitable to be fitted to all CNC machines including high precision machines and swiss.  
The Reacton CNC machine fire suppression system uses our proprietary detection tubing, which once installed in the protected area will detect a fire inside the CNC Mills. Once the fire is detected, our automatic pneumatic value operates, causing the extinguishing agent to be released into the CNC Milling machines to extinguish the fire.
CNC detection system features :
Fully Vibration and  Corrosion Tested
Integrated Isolation Valve
Stainless Steel alloy 303 (UNS S30300)
Multi Port High Flow Discharge
Multi Cylinder & Agent On One Detection Circuit
Please get in touch with us to discuss a CNC machining fire suppression risk assessment and solution.

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