Are you trying to find Inert Gas Systems? At Fire Engineering Technology, we tend to forever work towards innovation to make sure that our systems square measure the most effective alternative for our customers yet because the setting. Following this property belief of ours, we've return up with the Inergen fireplace Suppression Systems. this technique may be used effectively in environments like laboratories, laptop and server rooms, telecommunication rooms, etc. With this technique put in in your work units, you'll take care to save lots of the utmost lives and resources within the case of venturous things.

During our everyday life we normally breathe inert gases and one of their blends, that we use to call simply Inert Gas Systems. Nitrogen and Argon are the main elements that we inhale and exhale continuously.

FIRE ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY is always careful about environmental impact of its products and was among the first companies to introduce fire-fighting inert gas systems. Inert gas systems can be based on the following agents:

IG01 - Argon
IG100 - Nitrogen
IG55 - Nitrogen + Argon
IG541 - Nitrogen + Argon + CO2


The advantages

  • No environmental impact
  • Low cost extinguishing agent
  • No fog after discharge
  • EN 12094 certified components, compliance CE 0068
  • In-progress procedure for certification of systems with internationally recognized certification bodies.


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