Electric Panels


Studies show that a number of explosive fires can erupt from the general electrical panels present in practically every residential or commercial area. Regardless of the size of the electric panels, severe fire hazards can take place in them causing a lot of life and resource damage.
Since we believe in safeguarding you from fire hazards from all fronts, we also provide fire suppression system for electrical panels.
At Fire Engineering, your convenience and safety are our prime goals. To fulfil them, we design extremely proficient fire suppression systems for your electric panels which come ready for installation in your work unit.
Tube Based Gas Suppression System : One of the most prominent products/solutions at FIRE ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY is the specially designed Tube-based Gas Suppression system, a revolutionary fire safety solution to keep safe what’s precious. The pneumatic mechanism triggers the valve of the extinguisher and sprays the extinguishing agent out of the tube directly onto the flame, dousing the fire instantaneously.

Unattended small short circuits are the main cause of most and major Fires. Fire in Server Racks or Electrical Panels are generally caused by a short circuits or small sparks but as they are not attended, they lead to serious hazards to life and property leading to personnel injuries, property damage further resulting in loss of productivity, money and precious time.


The following are the features of Tube Based System:

  • Simple self-activating system without human intervention
  • Linear Heat Detection – senses fire anywhere along the entire  length of the fire detection Tube
  • Extinguishes fire at an early stage
  • System activates automatically
  • Safe against malfunction
  • More reliable, as system does not rely on complex electronics or moving parts
  • System does not need external power supply for detection and extinguishing of fire
  • Simple construction leads to easy maintenance

System Configuration:

  • FET Fire Finder Tube for Detection
  • Fire Extinguisher Cylinder with Automatic Valve Assembly
  • Clean Agent Fire Fighting Gas
  • Pressure Switch
  • Audio Alarm
  • Control Panel


DLP- Direct Low-Pressure Clean Agent Systems are primarily a Pre-Engineered Automatic Fire detection and suppression System utilising various Low-pressure Clean agents i.e. HFC227ea, Novec1230/FK-5-1-12.

The Linear Pneumatic Fire Detection Tubing (LP-FDT) is installed and connected to DLP Valve and routed throughout the protected hazard area/enclosure. The primary function of Pneumatic Fire Detection Tube (under pressure) is to detect heat/fire and activate the valve for discharge of the agent by rupturing at the hottest point along its installed length on flame impingement. On rupture a nozzle is formed at the burst point.

The clean agent under pressure, in the cylinder then flows out through the burst point, distributing the clean
Direct Low Pressure DLP Clean Agent System Unit.


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