Vehicle Engine Fire Suppression System

Vehicle Engine Fire Suppression System

Fire Engineering Technology offers a fully automatic, standalone fire protection system for vehicles, buses, and other engine and hydraulic system. We offer custom suppression systems to protect the vehicles, equipment, and vital assets.
Automatic vehicle suppression systems are designed with detection wires that are wrapped around the perimeter of the vehicle’s engine. When the insulation on one wire melts (reaching a temperature of 356? or higher), the melted wire touches the other wire and a message is sent to the control panel to dump the system and extinguish the fire
Manual systems on the other hand require the operator of the vehicle to push a button to initiate the suppression system.
Common causes of vehicle fires
There are several industries where vehicle fire suppression systems are used on heavy equipment. For example, landfills, underground mines, paper mills, railyards and power plants all have fire safety requirements for vehicles.
  • Abrasion against a high-pressure hydraulic line causes a pinhole and leaks atomized hydraulic fluid onto a hot manifold.
  • Combustible solids gather behind the hot exhaust manifold in the engine compartment of a trash truck.
  • A short occurs in one of the machine’s electrical cables, setting the cable insulation on fire.
  • Natural Gas or Hydrogen, highly flammable invisible fire hazards, ignite from the accidental discard of a cigarette butt.
  • Coal dust ignites from a metal spark.
  • A wiring harness near the battery shorts against the vehicle’s chassis, melts, and then ignites.

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